Mia Yim Bravely Discusses Her Struggles With Anxiety

Mia Yim IMPACT Slammiversary FI

Ahead of her history making match at IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary PPV, Mia Yim has bravely spoken with Inside The Ropes about her recent struggles with anxiety.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Alexander-Stewart, Mia Yim would discuss her ongoing struggles with anxiety and the impact this had on her return to wrestling following her 2021 release from the WWE.

“So the biggest issue I had with the relationship between having fun and wrestling, it’s a lot of the mental game. So it was starting to feel more like work, like what is it, 2022? So the end of 2020, early 2021, it felt more like a work and less like fun.

The minute it started to become like that, I needed to take a couple of months off just to kind of revaluate what I wanted to do in general, whether it be wrestling again or just real life stuff. Like we literally, Keith and I got married and two weeks later, we moved like halfway across the country.

So it was just a lot of real life stuff happening back to back to back anyway, then it was one of those things where it’s like Keith [Lee] had to go right to work right after the wedding. So I’m like, okay, you go work, do your thing.

Then since I’m going to be taking some time off anyway, let me take care of everything at home, but also kind of revaluate, like I’ve done everything I wanted to in my career at this point. So it’s like, do I still even want to wrestle?

Like, it’s not fun for me anymore. I don’t want to be told what I can and can’t do and like having to change who I am. I just I just didn’t know if that was something I wanted to do again.”

The former NXT Superstar would continue, discussing the importance of her return match on the independent scene and what it meant to her mentally after previously struggling to even attend training due to anxiety within wrestling.

“Especially the independent scene was scary as well because everything has changed since the last time I was in the indies. So there’s all these new people that I, I heard of, but I’ve never worked before or even talked to them.

So it was just, it was a new atmosphere altogether. So it’s like, is it worth going back into?

So I took about two or three months off before I had my first match. The first match was mainly like, okay, let me, let me get through my mental blocks first. Wrestling is like riding a bike, so it’s fine once I get in the ring, I know what I need to do, but it’s just getting in the ring first because I wouldn’t even go to training because seeing a ring gave me anxiety.

So I wouldn’t even like go to training or do any rolls or anything.

So it was just the first match was just getting over the mental block and just saying like, okay, I did it. Now what?”

Continuing, the former Knockouts Women’s Champion would discuss her return match against, new AEW signing, Athena [FKA Ember Moon] and the role this match played in helping her tackle many of her concerns surrounding an in-ring return.

“It was definitely a conscious choice to have my first match back be against Athena, just because we both got released on the same day. So once I moved and we got married, we moved to Dallas, which we [Athena and Mia] live like maybe 15, 20 minutes away from each other.

We’ve had bangers in the independent’s before we got signed and we haven’t wrestled since the independents. It was a comfortable return match, for my first match I needed to be safe.

This is going to sound, I don’t know how it’s going to come out when I say it, but like I just needed a safe option for my first match and someone that I know that can lead me and will be able to bring me back in, if if something were to happen, to be like everything’s going to be like, don’t worry, we’re going to be fine.”

During the same interview Mia Yim would speak to Inside The Ropes about her upcoming Queen of the Mountain match as well as what her current aims are within wrestling and when she plans on hanging up her boots for the last time.

Many thanks to IMPACT Wrestling for facilitating our chat with Mia, make sure you check out IMPACT Wrestling’s upcoming Slammiversary PPV event on June 19th featuring a blockbuster Queen of the Mountain match and Josh Alexander defending his IMPACT World Championship against IMPACT legend Eric Young.

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