Mia Yim And Rhea Ripley Added To WarGames At WWE Survivor Series

Mia Yim Rhea Ripley

Mia Yim made a grand return to WWE last week when she aligned herself with The OC in their fight against The Judgment Day. For weeks, The OC had been plagued with what they called the “Rhea Ripley problem,” alluding to the fact that Ripley regularly interferes in their matches and even showed incredible strength when she bodyslammed Luke Gallows. The group brought in Yim to even the odds, and the star has proven herself to also be an intimidating force.

This week, Yim faced off against Tamina in one on one action as Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY watched backstage. After Yim’s victory, the members of Damage CTRL approached her and asked her to join their WarGames team at WWE Survivor Series. Yim was hesitant, saying that she doesn’t have anything against Bianca Belair, Asuka, or Alexa Bliss. Later in the show, after IYO SKY defeated Dana Brooke, Yim confronted Damage CTRL and announced that she would instead be joining the babyface team at WWE Survivor Series.

Rhea Ripley Will Join Damage CTRL Inside WarGames To Fight Against Mia Yim’s Team

After Yim made her intentions known, Rhea Ripley approached the members of Damage CTRL (including Nikki Cross) backstage and said that if Yim is going to be inside WarGames, then so would she. She declared that she would be joining the team of Bayley, IYO SKY, Dakota Kai, and Nikki Cross inside the double cage, completing their team of five members. When she asked if anyone had a problem with that, they made no indication that it was a problem.

Cathy Kelley interviewed the babyface team following Ripley’s announcement, and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair made it clear that she believes her team to be the best even if they haven’t yet found their fifth member.

Elsewhere on WWE Raw, The Miz apologized for paying Dexter Lumis to stalk him after Johnny Gargano revealed his ruse last week. Gargano interrupted the episode of MizTV and announced that Miz and Lumis would go one on one in two weeks, and if Dexter wins, Miz not only has to pay him the remaining money he’s owed, but Lumis will also earn a WWE contract at long last.