Mercedes Mone Set To Compete At NJPW Sakura Genesis

Mercedes Mone in NJPW

Mercedes Mone has confirmed she will be competing at NJPW Sakura Genesis on April 8th in Tokyo, Japan.

After making her debut appearance for the promotion at Wrestle Kingdom 17 to confront then-champion KIARI, Mone captured the newly formed title at Battle in the Valley on February 18th.

After winning the title, one of STARDOM’s premier performers AZM lay down a championship challenge to Mone. During a press conference, the 20-year-old starlet and High-Speed Champion called out the former Sasha Banks.

“I am well aware that Mercedes Monè mentioned my name. The next challenger is me! Monè, I’m waiting for your reply!”

Mone responded to the challenge on social media seemingly accepting her as her first opponent for the title and now it seems as if we have a time and place for the showdown.

Speaking to TMZ Sports in a recent interview Mone revealed her next match for NJPW will take place at Sakura Genesis which will seemingly see her face AZM.

“Besides taking it on carpets, autograph signings, all over the world, I’m going to see what little promotions I can pop up to. I know next on my plate is April 8 in Tokyo, Japan for Sakura Genesis.

I have a girl named AZM calling me out, so I’ve been putting the offer on the table of who is next on the list, I want to see who is ready for Mercedes Mone because I turn down to nobody. I’m always here for the check, I’m always here for the bag. Whoever has the biggest bag is where I’m going to go.”

Will Mercedes Mone Ever Return To WWE?

Ever since leaving WWE speculation surrounding her next wrestling destination has been rife. Despite schedules for both NJPW and STARDOM, Mone is heavily linked with AEW. However, if it were to her former tag team partner and real-life best friend, Bayley, Mone would come home to WWE.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani, Bayley spoke candidly about the former Sasha Banks one day returning to the company.

“Ill never give up hope she will come back. This is her home, this is her dream. I love to see what she has been doing and what she will be doing over the next few months. She’s literally going to take over the world and take the world by storm. But I know this is her home and where the heart is and by her heart I mean me, so she needs to come back to me.”

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