Mercedes Mone Reveals The “Perfect” Duo For Her STARDOM Faction

Mercedes Mone as IWGP Champion in STARDOM

Mercedes Mone has declared her intent to start a new faction in STARDOM and has already picked two perfect stablemates.

The former IWGP Women’s Champion recently appeared for the promotion at its supershow All Star Grand Queendom at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

In the co-main event of the pay-per-view, Mone faced Mayu Iwatani for the title. She was unable to overcome her challenger and lost her first match since leaving WWE and the championship in the process.

Following the loss it was assumed it was her last appearance in Japan as her contract with Bushiroad – the parent company of New Japan and the Joshi promotion was up. However, in the post-match press conference, Mone stated:

I am NOT done with New Japan…and I am NOT done with Stardom. Because I am still on my world tour. And my next stop, is May 21st at Resurgence.

While the May 21st show is an NJPW event, it seems as though Mone still has a vested interest in STARDOM and is looking to start her own faction.

Mercedes Mone Names The Renegade Twins As Perfect Members For Her STARDOM Faction

Taking to social media Mone responded to a post featuring up-and-coming stars, the Renegade Twins calling them perfect for her stardom faction.

If Mone were to start a faction in the Joshi promotion it makes a lot of sense. STARDOM is a faction-based promotion with all of its performers being a part of groups such as Queen’s Quest, Donna Del Mondo, Cosmic Angels and Oedo Tai.

The Renegade Twins consisting of twin sisters, Charlette and Robyn are former NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions and the inaugural Mission Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

The twins have also been used frequently on AEW mostly on Dark, Elevation, and Rampage where they have faced Saraya and Toni Storm as well as Britt Baker and AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter.