Mercedes Mone Planning To Open Wrestling School

Mercades Mone NJPW

In her first match for NJPW Mercedes Mone won the IWGP Women’s Championship. At Battle In The Valley on February 18th in San Jose Centre in Los Angles, California, Mone defeated the inaugural champion and former WWE rival KIARI to lift the title.

After leaving WWE, her wrestling home for 10 years, Mone embarked on a wrestling pilgrimage of sorts. Prior to joining NJPW, she travelled the world training and learning new in-ring skills from new teachers.

Now, Mone wants to share those teachings and learnings with a new generation of professional wrestlers by opening her own training school.

In a recent interview with the Under The Ring podcast, Mone spoke about her love for the business and how she wants to pass that on to others on the future.

“Wrestling is such a universal language. When you’re in there, you don’t have to say anything, you just gotta flow. When I was in Mexico, I just flowed with the luchadors. When I was in Japan, I just had a flow with them even though I couldn’t exactly understand what they were saying.

I love learning every single style that I can possibly be because I want to be the best in every area when it comes to Japanese wrestling, European, Mexico — I wanna be the absolute best.

I’m a student of the game. I’ve been traveling the world training with the best trainers and best wrestlers from all different generations. So I’m ready, I’m excited. This is for my own growth in the future as well because one day I want to have my own wrestling school.

So, to be able to have all these different techniques and styles is something I want to be able to give to my students one day so I can teach them how to be the greatest of all time as well.”

Mercedes Mone Wants To Wrestle All Over The World

Speaking to Alex McCarthy, recently, Mone revealed that she plans on making her new title a global championship as she’s not tied down to just New Japan Pro Wrestling:

“I’m as free as a bird. I’ve got the choice to decide anything that I want to do. Especially tomorrow when I win the IWGP Women’s Championship, I plan to take that title all over the world, not just New Japan. It’s about to be a global championship.

“So wherever that championship ends up, whether it be on United States TV, Japan TV, Mexico TV, Germany TV, anywhere all over the world is wherever I choose to make it happen. So whoever has the best bag, whoever writes the best cheque for Mercedes Mone, that’s where I might end up.”