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Mercedes Martinez Returns To NXT

Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez has officially made her NXT return after over four months away from the black and gold brand.

Having faced off against Rhea Ripley in a Steel Cage Match in September, Martinez looked like becoming a permanent part of the WWE RAW roster as part of RETRIBUTION. However, it’s since been reported by Fightful Select that Martinez asked to return to the brand and no longer wished to be part of RETRIBUTION.

Martinez returned to attack NXT Champion Io Shirai on the show.

Mercedes Martinez has been very open about suffering from several health issues, taking to Twitter to discuss how she suffers from asthma and has an immunocompromised son, before encouraging others to wear masks and wash their hands amidst living through a pandemic.

Martinez first wrestled in WWE during the 2017 Mae Young Classic, defeating Xia Li, Princesa Sugehit and Abbey Laith before losing to Shayna Baszler in the semifinals. Martinez would appear on NXT TV throughout that year before competing in the second Mae Young Classic, where she was eliminated by Meiko Satomura.

Earlier this year, Martinez officially signed with WWE and has been competing on the NXT brand exclusively, aside from an appearance in the Royal Rumble and sporadic appearances as part of RETRIBUTION on RAW.

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