Mercedes Martinez Reportedly Suffered A Concussion On June 29th NXT

Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez was taken to hospital on June 29th after appearing to be knocked out during her mixed tag match on NXT.

The match saw Martinez team with Jake Atlas against the team of Tian Sha’s Xia Li and Boa. Martinez was distracted by Tian Sha’s mysterious leader Mei Ying who was watching the action from the entranceway. That allowed Li to take control and sent Martinez back into the ring. Xia Li then connected with a Suplex before nailing Mercedes Martinez with a spin kick that appeared to knock her out cold. Li went for the pin with Martinez seemingly unable to kick out.

The referee counted two before throwing up the indicative ‘X’ sign and waving the match off with Tian Sha declared the winners.

It was later reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful that Martinez was taken to hospital to undergo further evaluation.

In a new update, on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has noted that Martinez suffered a concussion, but it said to be doing fine.

“Well, she was at the hospital, you know, but they did take her to the hospital. She did have a concussion. So I mean, yeah, look, okay. I mean, like, you know, concussion, we’re day, we’re a day out. Okay. So it’s like, a concussion could be she might be fine to wrestle next week, and she might not be fine in six months. You’d never know. You. I mean, and you don’t know the day after. So. Yeah, we chose a cache. We don’t know. I mean, like, she’s fine in the sense of she’s fine. But if she, you know, how quick she’s gonna heal. concussions are unpredictable.”

Elsewhere on NXT, Isaiah Swerve Scott defeated Bronson Reed to become the new NXT North American Champion. Reed’s defeat for the title he had only held for six weeks comes amidst rumours that he is set for a move to the WWE main roster on either Raw or SmackDown.

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