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Mercedes Martinez Allegedly Requested RETRIBUTION Exit

Mercedes Martinez thumb

Mercedes Martinez is said to have requested her exit from RETRIBUTION, as revealed by Sean Ross Sapp on the latest edition of Monday Night Live.

It was previously reported that Martinez, then going by the name Retaliation, had been quietly dropped from the group. The reason for the popular Shimmer alumnus’ departure was unexplained both on television and behind the scenes. Furthermore, she has not been seen on television since her departure from the group.

Speaking to Kenny McIntosh, Sapp explained that Martinez personally requested that she not be involved in RETRIBUTION anymore. However, at this time the reason why she wanted to leave the group is still unknown. Additionally, Sapp revealed that though replacements were considered to fill the void left by Martinez, WWE decided to proceed without a replacement:

“There were some names thrown around for possible replacements for her, but then, at least as of the end of October, they had made the decision – they being WWE – to move forward without having any additional female members of RETRIBUTION.”

This has left Reckoning (formerly Mia Yim) as the sole female member of the group.

Though fans of Mercedes Martinez may have been disappointed by her RETRIBUTION exit, her involvement with WWE will continue. Discussing Martinez’s future plans with the company, Sapp explained “people are under the impression that she’s going to be a part of NXT.” This backs up previous reports that Martinez would be returning to NXT.

RETRIBUTION is the second group Martinez has left this year after exiting the Robert Stone Brand earlier this year. Martinez has not been seen in NXT since her steel cage match against Rhea Ripley back in September, though with Martinez shedding the Retaliation gimmick, we may see further matches between the two in the future.