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Melina Responds To Reports Suggesting She Had Re-Signed With WWE


Former three-time WWE Women’s Champion Melina has moved to clarify reports that she had re-signed with WWE.

It was originally reported in September 2020 that Melina was set to return to the WWE, after not competing for the company for almost a decade. Melina’s last match for WWE was a Number 1 Contender’s Battle Royale for the WWE Divas Championship back on August 1st 2011.

Speaking to Wrestle Talk, Melina explained that while there had been contact with WWE over a potential return, that’s as far as things went.

“It was talks of [a return]. Talks of seeing if it was possible and all that stuff. Everyone made such a big deal out of it.

“I was in talks with [WWE], but I never signed a contract, there was nothing going on. Just ‘hey would you consider, would you be open?’. I’m like ‘hell yeah’. Well it turned out I have like a bad knee, and I can’t wrestle.”

While she accepts that her knee injury may have played a part in discussions breaking down, Melina also commented that in wrestling, nothing is guaranteed.

“Who knows if I didn’t have a bad knee if they would have signed me? Or you never know, if I had a good knee they wanted to see if I was open to it, but probably not get signed. That’s just the way wrestling is. It’s never a guarantee”.

Melina originally debuted in WWE in 2005 as the manager of the popular tag team ‘MNM.’ However, she soon transitioned into being a singles star in her own right, winning the Women’s Championship three times, and the Divas Championship on two other occasions. After her departure from the company Melina made an appearance on the Raw Reunion episode of Monday Night Raw in July 2019, before appearing at WWE Raw Legends Night on January 4th 2021.