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Mei Suruga To Challenge For Super Asia Championship

Champion Minoru Fujita and Mei Suruga face off.

Mei Suruga looks to become a double champion in ChocoPro as she issued a challenge to the reigning Super Asia Champion.

At ChocoPro #125 on June 12th, the champion Minoru Fujita will face Mei with the belt on the line.

The match was made following Suruga’s successful defence of her Asia Dream Tag Team title, alongside partner Baliyan Akki. The pair bested The Tag Team Destroyers combo of Minoru Fujita & Rina Yamashita.

The dominant unit of the Best Bros (Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki) had failed to put away The Tag Team Destroyers when they had initially faced off back at ChocoPro #111 last month. This non-title contest ended in a twenty-minute time limit draw, which ultimately lead to this rematch with the belts on the line.

Originally The Best Bros had been hoping for a title vs title match, but that was not to be as the Tag Team Destroyers duo had lost their King Of FREEDOM Tag Team Titles a week before this match could take place.

Suruga, who recently celebrated her third anniversary as a wrestler, picked up the victory for The Best Bros on this occasion.
Mei scored the win following an Akki assisted Dolphin Splash into the Super Propeller Clutch for the three count, following a 30+ minute match.

Mei’s partner, Baliyan Akki, had clashed with Fujita for the vacant Super Asia Title back at ChocoPro #100 Day 2. Akki came up short then and was clearly displaying mixed emotions when Suruga made the challenge, making her desire to be the ace of ChocoPro known.

Mei won’t have to wait long for her title match, but still has a road bump in the form of Chie Koishikawa. The pair will face off at ChocoPro #124 taking place 05/06/21 live and for free on their YouTube channel.