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Megan Morant Joins WWE As SmackDown Backstage Correspondent

Megan Morant thumb

Megan Morant is set to join WWE as a backstage correspondent on Friday Night Smackdown.

Morant is the latest in a raft of new faces that WWE have introduced as on-screen announcers and reporters in recent weeks and months.

In a statement on WWE.com Morant said that she is grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to hitting the ground running.

“I can’t begin to express how excited I am to join WWE. From the incredibly athletic Superstars to the creative minds behind the scenes, WWE has set the standard in the world of global entertainment. The passion WWE has for its fans reminds me of why I chose this industry, to entertain and connect people from all walks of life. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and ready to hit the ground running. Let’s go!”

Morant arrives in WWE off the back of working for the New England Patriots where she hosted a sports talk show on the team’s website.

In recent months Adnan Virk has assumed the lead announcer role on RAW while Pat McAfee has joined the SmackDown announce booth. Away from the commentary position, Kevin Patrick has also joined the company as a backstage correspondent on Monday Night Raw, play-by-play commentator for WWE Main Event and as the host of Raw Talk.

Meanwhile Charly Caruso and Samoa Joe, who had formed part of the broadcast team on RAW have recently departed the company.

Megan Morant will make her first WWE appearance on the April 23rd edition of Friday Night Smackdown.