Mayu Iwatani To Wrestle At Marvelous’ 5th Anniversary Show

Mayu Iwatani will be representing Stardom at the upcoming Marvelous 5th Anniversary show on July 19. This is the same show that will see the return of Marvelous ace and rival of Iwatani, Takumi Iroha.

Iwatani will be facing off with friend Rin Kadokura in a singles match. This major announcement by the promotion came from Iroha as she revealed the card for the special event.

It’s worth noting that this will not be the first time Mayu Iwatani wrestles in the Marvelous promotion as the previous time saw her face Takumi Iroha back in August of 2018 where the two would battle to a 20-minute draw.

The matchup between Iwatani and Kadokura is an interesting one as the two have only ever teamed together seeing that their close bond has led to that. They have also never interacted in the Marvelous promotion with both of their team-ups coming in Stardom.

They most recently teamed at Tokyo Dream Cinderella, where Kadokura was brought in by Iwatani to help in the elimination match between STARS and Oedo Tai. With this being their first matchup ever, it is sure to be one that everyone should be intrigued by.

What is notable is that Iwatani will not be the lone competitor heading to Marvelous from Stardom. Both Queen’s Quest’s AZM and Oedo Tai’s Starlight Kid will be as well and will face off as they team with two of Marvelous’ best in Mio Momono and Mei Hoshizuki respectively.

AZM will be with Hoshizuki while Kid teams up with Momono. This will be the first time Momono faces off with any Stardom talent, which makes it an interesting match in itself as Momono established herself as Marvelous’ ace with Iroha injured.

Here’s the full card for the Marvelous 5th Anniversary show:

  • Takumi Iroha vs. Hibiki
  • Mio Momono & Starlight Kid vs. AZM & Mei Hoshizuki
  • Mayu Iwatani vs. Rin Kadokura

The Marvelous 5th Anniversary goes down on Monday, July 19.