“Maybe He’ll Apologize And Maybe We’ll Do A Collab” – The Miz On Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny Thumb

Mr. Money in the Bank, The Miz, has opined that he would forgive Bad Bunny for their recent interactions in order to collaborate with the artist.

At the 2021 Royal Rumble on January 31, The Miz and John Morrison confronted the rapper backstage following his performance with former five time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T.

Seeking a collaboration, the duo were turned down when they bad mouthed Booker T with the star stood behind them. Following the rejection, Miz destroyed Bunny’s set upon his entry into the Royal Rumble Match which lead to the songsmith racing to ringside and being the distraction needed for Damian Priest to eliminate the team.

With Miz and Morrison complaining to the officials, Bunny levelled the pairing with a top rope dive which carried the enmity over to the February 1 Monday Night Raw.

Now, The Miz has spoken to EOnline – in an interview conducted in-character – about the events of the Royal Rumble and he expects an apology:

“By the way, I was dominating, I think I took out like six people right away. Then Bad Bunny comes out and distracts me. Look, I know that you have to have a head on a swivel when you’re in the Royal Rumble match, but not from outside distractions. To top it off, Bad Bunny gets on the top rope, jumps off it onto me to, not only disrespect me but, embarrass me. Not only in front of my peers, but in front of the millions watching at home. So, you can only imagine how upset I was and still am to this day.

Maybe he should come to Monday Night Raw, where we can discuss what happened. And maybe I can make him understand the error in his ways. Maybe he’ll apologize and maybe, guess what, we’ll do a collab. My favourite part about being a WWE superstar is everyone thinks they can do it. This has taken years upon years of hardcore training to become a professional wrestler, a WWE superstar. To be a WWE superstar, you are the cream of the crop. You are the best in your division. Look, he’s the best at music. Stick to music. Honestly, if I took him under my wing, maybe, just maybe, he’d be ready. But, anybody else? I don’t think so.”

Turn up on Monday Night Raw Bad Bunny did as a guest on Miz TV, where he turned down the opportunity to be trained by John Morrison before introducing Damian Priest who attacked the host and defeated him in singles action as Bunny neutralised Morrison on the outside.

Credit for the interview: EOnline

h/t for the transcription: Fightful