Max Caster Says CM Punk Welcomed Him Back After Suspension

CM Punk sits in the ring

‘Platinum’ Max Caster has discussed how CM Punk made him feel welcome back in AEW after his suspension following a controversial rap.

On the August 3rd, 2021 episode of AEW Dark Max Caster teamed with Anthony Bowens, Matt Hardy, & The Blade to take on The Varsity Blonds and The Sydal Brothers. Ahead of the bout Caster performed his customary battle rap style entrance aimed to hype the crowd and trash talk his opponents.

However, on this occasion Caster’s comments crossed the line for many watching at home. Caster made reference to Simone Biles’ mental health, Duke Lacrosse rape accusations, and fake PCR tests among other things.

AEW President Tony Khan later apologised and called Caster’s rap “terrible” as well as announcing that ‘Platinum’ Max was suspended by the company.

Speaking to ESPN in an article about new AEW World Champion CM Punk, Max Caster explained how a simple hello from Punk put him at ease once he returned to the company from his suspension:

“It was the day I came back from suspension and I thought, ‘Oh gosh, everyone hates me.’ I passed by him in the hallway, and he says, ‘Hey Max, what’s up?’ And I go, ‘Oh God, this guy knows my name.’ I’ve never even met him. That told me what kind of guy he was, that he was educated on who was on the roster from top to bottom.”

“I was just nervous that CM Punk was here. He’s a hero of mine, he really is. For him to say, ‘hello’ is huge.”