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Maven Returns To Wrestling After Five Year Absence


Maven, one of the first-ever winners of WWE’s Tough Enough has returned to wrestling after a five-year absence with an appearance at Matt Cardona and Brian Myer’s FWF Live.

The former three-time WWE Hardcore Champion competed in that company for four years between 2001 and 2005. Along with Nidia Guenard, Maven won the Tough Enough competition earning himself a WWE contract. That first season of the show included Christopher Nowinski and Josh Mathews who went on to have their own runs in WWE.

Maven is probably best known for his performance in the 2002 Royal Rumble match. The rookie superstar entered the match at number eleven with only the villainous Undertaker in the ring. After a distraction from the Hardy Boyz, Maven executed his trademark dropkick eliminating the Deadman from the match. In turn, Maven was decimated by The Undertaker and unable to continue the match but his moment has lived on.

Surprising everybody, Maven unexpectedly appeared on the FWF Live show promoted by IMPACT Wrestling stars and hosts of the Major Figures Pod – Brian Myers and Matt Cardona. Maven then took to the ring and hit a beautiful dropkick on former ‘Long Island Iced Z’ personality Big O.

Maven’s last wrestling match came in April 2016 at a WrestlePro event in New Jersey. Maven teamed with Brian Myers and now-WWE producer Pat Buck in six-man tag team action. That trio fell to defeat at the hands of the Aesthetic Males.

Also on the FWF Live show, Swoggle defeated Eric James. The Create-A-Pro tag team titles then changed hands as AEW’s Bear Country defeated Myers and Mark Sterling. Sterling made appearances in the autumn of 2020 in AEW as MJF’s lawyer.