Maven Felt He Was Disadvantaged In WWE Without Using Steroids

Maven accepting the WWE Tough Enough trophy in 2001

Former WWE star Maven has admitted to feeling like he was at a disadvantage versus other stars in the company without the use of steroids.

The co-winner of the inaugural Tough Enough has recently started his own YouTube channel where he discusses his time as a WWE superstar from 2001 to 2005. Topics covered include how much money he made, the unwritten rules of the locker room, and why he was ultimately fired from the company.

In his latest video, the 46-year-old detailed being introduced to steroids during his time in the promotion and how he used them to enhance his physique. Despite never having used steroids prior to WWE, he felt he would fall behind in the company without using them.

“When I got to the WWE I actually have to be honest with you, I had never thought about taking steroids personally. Once I got there I immediately found that I was not going to be able to keep up without it.”

The former star went on to recall how a top backstage official under-handily encouraged him to start using them as others in the locker room already were.

“I actually had one of the top officials come up to me and he didn’t outright say ‘Hey we’re going to need you to get on this.’ What he told me was ‘Have you thought about talking to some of the boys about that ‘creatine’ that they’re on.

I asked around and said ‘Am I hearing what I think I’m hearing?’ They informed me ‘Yes you are.'”

Later in the video, Maven also tackled the fact that steroid use was somewhat of an open secret and that there was a very lax attitude in regards to testing for them behind the scenes.

Maven Previously Discussed Being Encouraged To Use Steroids

In an interview with Chris Van Vilet back in 2021, Maven opened up about being encouraged to use steroids and discussed the particularly “addictive” aspect of the performance-enhancing substance.

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