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Maven Discusses Being Encouraged To Take Steroids During His Career


Former WWE Superstar Maven says he was encouraged to take steroids during his wrestling career and says the process of getting them was easier than buying a car.

Maven entered the world of WWE when he was a winner of the first season of Tough Enough in 2001. He had a trio of matches with Tough Enough coach Taz on SmackDown before heading to one of the WWE’s developmental territories at the time, Heartland Wrestling Association.

The highlight of Maven’s WWE career came in early 2002 when he feuded with The Undertaker. Maven shocked the world when eliminated the Phenom from the Royal Rumble match before going on to defeat him for the Hardcore Title.

Now in conversation with Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Maven has touched on the darker side of pro wrestling and says during his career he was encouraged to get bigger through the use of steroids. He adds, that the way the steroids made him look was addictive.

Maven explained:

“I was told, I won’t say by who, that I was 205 and we need you to get a little bit bigger. I listened to that advice, but I would have sought that out regardless. Just to look good. If you look at me when I started compared to two years later it’s night and day. But looking like that, that’s the addictive part of it. You just feel great, you feel that hardness and it feels good.”

“It’s not a euphoric feeling, you just feel it when you look good. It also gives you a psychological edge. I would go to the gym and I was like I am here so I’ve got to get my money’s worth. I had a doctor that was telling me how much of each to take. I was getting good stuff from good pharmacies that was shipped to my house completely legal because it was prescribed. I have bought vehicles that were harder to get.”

Credit: Insight with Chris Van Vliet

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