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Matt Taven – “Bandido Could Be Our Generation’s Rey Mysterio”

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Inside The Ropes’ Liam Alexander-Stewart recently sat down to chat with former Ring of Honor World Champion Matt Taven ahead of his Steel Cage match against former best friend Vinny Marseglia.

During our chat with Matt Taven he would discuss why CM Punk and Brian Danielson should return to ROH, who in Ring of Honor is a future ROH World Champion and why Bandido could be our generations Rey Mysterio.

Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart, on the topic of who in the ROH locker room reminds him most of himself, Taven commented:

“Oh, I think there’s a couple of guys like that, you know, I and I think that’s why it’s a good feeling to be a veteran in that locker room and I used to always look at guys that are those would be the Roddy Strong’s, the Kevin Steens there and you’d go to him for advice and you would, you would wonder, like kind of how they either just knew these things off the top of their head or like, just like how their attitude was shaped. And they just, they’ve seen so much and now being in that position.

You’re getting those, you’re on the opposite end of that and you wish you could tell someone like, Hey, this is what’s going to happen in time, but they just can’t see it, because they haven’t done it yet if that makes sense. So it’s like this weird time travel that you have to do. And I look at certain guys that I almost want to laugh and be like, you are going to be A-Okay, like, there you are so on the right path, you’re going to be great. I mean, Dak Draper is is going to be Ring of Honor World Champion one day, there’s no doubt in my mind. Eli Isom is absolutely fantastic.

I mean, I don’t know if he sees it. But he reminds me of so many guys that have come through the rainwater system, he reminds me of like a young Jay Lethal a young myself like you, he’s such an amalgamation of all these great talents that have come through there. Brian Johnson, who’s a guy that just seems to work so hard, has a mouth like Matt Taven when he had something to prove where he, you know, just didn’t give a crap anymore was just like going out people’s throats. And it’s like, man, I remember being that angry for a long time.”

Taven continued, explaining that he has been championing Bandido for a long time now and proclaiming that the new Ring of Honor World Champion could become our generations Rey Mysterio:

“I was telling anyone who listened to buy stock in Bandito because the price on that thing’s gonna start soaring. before you knew it, it already had happened and I think Bandido is going to be you know, Rey Mysterio is one in 1,000,000, one in a lifetime and I think that Bandido could be our generations, Rey Mysterio, just because he’s so unbelievably talented, and even a better person. So like with that, with that young core that they are, and that’s not even, you know, there’s the Dragon Lee’s, and there’s, oh my god, there’s so many guys there. But like those guys, instantly, I kind of have really drawn to because I see the hard work that’s going in on the other end, and I see just how much they love it.”

Finally, the former ROH World Champion revealed why he believes Ring of Honor’s future is in safe hands and why the ROH locker room is a great place to be for developing talent.

“It makes you feel young again, almost you seem like that young passion and you’re like, man, I remember that I got to kind of psych myself up, you know. So it’s, it’s definitely a place and it’s what you know, I go back to earlier with when we’re talking about how this locker room has stayed the same over all these years. It’s definitely a place where the older guys, the veterans, look, they don’t look down upon the the younger guys, they’re looking to help and we’re all looking to just kind of make this a big family unit that keeps rolling together and keeps growing and growing and growing.

So I know personally, and I’ve seen you know, the Jay Lethal’s, like I said the Dalton Castles of the world work with these with these young guys and really care because they know the amount of of love that these guys have for wrestling in general. And we’ve been there before. So it’s like, Hey, I know you’re not seeing the long view right now. But trust me, everything you’re doing is absolutely on the right path.

So it’s really exciting to see what the future of Ring of Honor is. It’s definitely in good hands. I would say that.”

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