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Matt Sydal On The Mid-Air RKO – “It’s Timeless”

Matt Sydal RKO'd by Randy Orton

Matt Sydal has discussed the incredible moment when Randy Orton hit him with the RKO as he attempted a shooting star press on Monday Night RAW.

Known as Evan Bourne in WWE, Sydal would attack Randy as both men were due to be in the Money In The Bank ladder match 6 days later. As the former WWE Tag Team Champion went to hit his trademark ‘Air Bourne’ shooting star press against ‘The Viper’, Orton would catch Bourne coming in down in mid-air in one of the most memorable RAW moments.

Speaking to the All Real Wrestling podcast, Sydal shared his thoughts on the spot and how it was captured by WWE:

“This was something that I talked to Randy about on Saturday or Sunday and then we did it on Monday. I mean it’s just one of those things where everything fell into place; it was the right opportunity to sell the pay-per-view coming up and we thought this would be a great way to lead into it.”

“It was super exciting and I thought the way it was shot with the way the cameraman shot me climbing up to the top rope and the way they captured the moment, it really did bring people out of their seats which is the goal for every night. And it was just that night we punched through the screen and got through to everybody that night and that’s just one of my proudest moments.”

Sydal also discussed the backstage reaction and how the pain was worth the moment:

“I don’t really remember what the backstage reaction was because we just move on and the show goes on. You don’t dwell on that moment. You don’t know how impactful it was but the thing with the shooting star press is that it hurts the least when I land on somebody who’s like a big fella. It hurts the most when you miss it and just belly-flop. But that would only be more as if you get RKO’d at the same time. So, it was the most painful landing that I could have endured…I wouldn’t think twice about doing that again for that moment because it’s timeless and that’s what everybody goes for in wrestling.”

Matt Sydal made his debut for All Elite Wrestling in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out 2020. He also enjoyed a spell in IMPACT Wrestling where he would capture both the X-Division and IMPACT Grand Championships.

Credit: All Real Wrestling