Matt Riddle Undergoes Name Change

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle has undergone a name change in WWE, and will simply be named ‘Riddle’ going forward.

The news was first reported by and the name change has already been actioned on the roster page.

Riddle was recently moved to WWE RAW in the Draft, and had a barnstormer of a match with Sheamus on this week’s show. Fightful Select have now reported that Vince McMahon was “fired up” about Riddle’s match with The Celtic Warrior, and praised the talents involved following the match.

Fightful Select also report that Vince McMahon made the call to change Matt Riddle’s in-ring name to “Riddle” – who was supportive of the idea. Riddle will apparently also be presented much more seriously going forward. Inside The Ropes can also confirm the name change, Vince McMahon being the man who made the call, and the future plans for Riddle.

Matt Riddle had previously moved to RAW from SmackDown after just a few months on the blue brand. Riddle had previously become a mainstay of NXT, moving to RAW after appearing at Survivor Series 2019 and the Royal Rumble earlier this year, as well as competing in NXT’s first ever Fight Pit Match against Timothy Thatcher.