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Matt Riddle Recalls Rubbing Randy Orton The Wrong Way

RK-Bro Riddle & Randy Orton

Riddle has recalled getting on the wrong side of Randy Orton before the pair began teaming together as RK-Bro.

Odd-couple tag teams are nothing new in professional wrestling, but even by that measure, not many people could have predicted that Riddle and Randy Orton would form the successful team that they have.

In April 2021, Riddle crashed a backstage interview involving The Viper and suggested that they team up. To say that Orton was initially unsure about the union would be a spectacular statement, although against his better judgement, he eventually gave in.

After a rocky start, which included Orton missing several weeks of action, the pair clicked into gear and won the Raw Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam. Although they later lost the titles to Alpha Academy, the duo regained the titles in the run up to WrestleMania 38.

While success in the ring is one thing, Riddle and Orton have also established a friendship and a bond outside of it, with the former World Champion admitting that he’s having as much fun as he ever has.

However, it was a very different story when the two men first met. Orton has previously admitted that the pair didn’t get off to the best of starts, and now Riddle has also given his side of the story.

Speaking during a press conference as part of WWE’s recent UK tour, Riddle said that he rubbed Orton up the wrong way, but only because he only knows how to be himself.

“Randy when he first met me wasn’t a huge fan,” Riddle said. “I don’t mean to rub people the wrong way, but when he told the story I was like, ‘That’s exactly what I did.’ Now I know Randy, I can see why he was like, ‘F*** this guy,’ you know? But I completely understand… that’s just who I am.”

RK-Bro had been preparing to do battle against The Usos at WrestleMania Backlash in a huge unification match, but the bout has gained two more competitors. During the contract signing on SmackDown for the original match, Roman Reigns made his presence felt, before Drew McIntyre made the save.

The end result is a huge six-man tag team match pitting RK-Bro and Drew McIntyre against The Bloodline featuring Roman Reigns.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.