Matt Riddle Reveals The Main Roster Is A Different Monster To NXT

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle has opened up about the difference he sees in the NXT roster compared to those of the RAW and SmackDown brands.

The new WWE United States Champion has now had experience as a member of all three roster brands. Starting out in NXT before being drafted to Friday Night SmackDown in 2020, finishing the year as a member of the Monday Night RAW roster.

Speaking with ViBe and Wrestling, Riddle discussed the differences between the three brands, pointing out the sheer size of the ‘machine’ on the main roster compared with NXT. Riddle notes that there’s more planning for NXT, with RAW and SmackDown having a ‘shoot from the hip‘ mentality which validates reports that scripts tend to change last minute.

NXT is probably one of the most professional places I’ve ever worked and there was so much when I was there, they got the TV deal with USA Network.

I didn’t realize how the main roster was until I got there on SmackDown and it is a completely different monster, completely different machines with a lot of parts and pieces and then you go to Raw and you’ve got 3 hours and it is even a bigger monster… craziness.

When you are dealing with live TV, things are going crazy, even if you plan for things not to go crazy; they get crazy sometimes because you can plan it, things happen.

The big difference for me when I was on NXT the things were a bit more planned out while on the main roster everything should be planned or there is an idea but most of the time you just shoot from the hip and that is why the people need to be prepared and be professional on the main roster because anything can happen and you have to be ready and professional.

You have to be ready for anything, anytime, and Vince McMahon is right there at gorilla looking at you so it’s not like: “Oh man, I hope nobody saw that” because Vince McMahon is watching closely.

Recently on RAW, Matt Riddle defeated John Morrison via pinfall after hitting Bro Derek. Where his United States Championship reign goes now is up in the air. With Fast Lane just 3 weeks away I’m sure the next challenger will be stepping up soon.