Matt Riddle Responds To Recent Criticism From Booker T

Matt Riddle posing.

Matt Riddle has hit back at Booker T after he came in for criticism on the former World Heavyweight Champion’s podcast The Hall Of Fame.

During the episode Booker T spoke on Riddle’s chances of success since moving over to WWE Raw, and felt that wrestling barefoot could harm his chances of success in the long run.

“Look, I’m not taking anything away from Matt Riddle, but him not wearing boots was the first thing I noticed about him… I know that him flipping off the slippers is cool and how WWE captures it in slow motion, but that’s not the look of a world heavyweight champion.”

The WWE Hall Of Famer outlined that he was just trying to help Riddle rather than undermine him, while also commenting:

“I think so much about what makes a wrestling heavyweight champion. There is a protocol there. How many World Heavyweight Champions were bare feet [while wrestling]? How many of them were greater than Superfly Jimmy Snuka?

“I’m just saying if you’re trying to get to the World Heavyweight Championship or Universal championship, there has always been a certain look that you must have. When I’m talking Matt Riddle, I’m thinking from a promoter’s perspective. That’s all I’m thinking about.”

For his part Matt Riddle has now responded to the criticism, taking aim at Booker T on Twitter.

Booker T has been no stranger to controversy in recent days having also outlined his dislike for WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

You can listen to the full quotes on The Hall Of Fame podcast with a h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.