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Matt Riddle Plays Hockey With Onion Ring On The Tonight Show


WWE’s resident King of Bros. recently enjoyed a humorous appearance on a popular US chat show.

The former UFC fighter popped up on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to play hockey with an onion ring. During a bit on the show where Fallon takes comical suggestions from fans of the show, the host encountered a WWE and NBA-focused proposal:

“Hey Jimmy. This is a great week to be alive. The Stanley Cup is happening. The NBA Draft is tomorrow. The WWE’s Money in the Bank is streaming on Peacock, July 2nd. And to top it all off, today is National Onion Ring Day. So, I think you already know what I’m gonna ask.”

Putting the skit together from there, Fallon said:

“It’s pretty obvious. Can an NBA draft pick shoot an onion ring like a hockey puck and score on a WWE Superstar? Well, I think it’s time to find out.”

At that point, new Oklahoma City Thunder forward Jalen Williams arrived with the former US and WWE Tag Team Champion in tow. Matt Riddle, who appeared to’ve forgotten most of his clothes for the appearance, played to the crowd as he and Williams had a laugh performing the stunt. Williams managed to get the first onion ring past Riddle’s goal keep defences.

While Matt Riddle was all smiles here, his angles in WWE have been anything but of late. From getting run out of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship picture on SmackDown to getting demolished by Omos on RAW, the fan favourite’s struggled in kayfabe since tag partner Randy Orton’s injury.

The Omos loss was especially disappointing for Matt Riddle fans as it was a Money in the Bank qualifier. With three slots still up for grabs in the men’s Money in the Bank match, perhaps this promotional appearance is a good sign for the flip flop enthusiast.

There’s been a notable decline in WWE Superstars making mainstream appearances in recent years beyond the likes of John Cena, whose WWE appearances are becoming increasingly sporadic, and Sasha Banks whose WWE appearances appear to’ve come to an end.

For Matt Riddle, being entrusted with this skit and getting a good reaction from Fallon’s viewers can only help the rising star’s chances of reaching the main event in the near future.