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Matt Riddle On Meeting Vince McMahon – “You’re Kind Of A Goof!”

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle might be a self-professed goof, but the ‘King of Bros‘ claims he’s allowed to be because he is a savage in the ring.

His character in the ring is much different to the ‘Bro-puns’ extraordinaire we see weekly backstage, using his MMA background to brutalise his opponents – all whilst wearing no footwear!

Vince McMahon was initially thrown off somewhat by Riddle’s ability to switch character. Appearing on The Bump, The new United States Champion was explaining his character, and the conversation he had with Vince.

Even though I come off like a goof, even Vince [McMahon], the first time, he’s like, ‘You’re kind of a goof.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know I’m kind of a goof.’ He’s like ‘that’s not a good thing.’ ‘For me, it is because I can back it up. I’m tough, and I can fight – Being a goof for me is good.

People are going to see me in a new light, maybe people are going to take me a little more serious. Because a lot of people are like, ‘he’s so goofy.’ You guys realise I get to be goofy because I can break your neck and choke you out, knock you unconscious – I’ve been breaking people in real life.

I’m 35 and get to be a goofball because I’m a serious animal and savage when it comes to competing in the ring.

Riddle has backed up the aggressive side to his personality at the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV, defeating Bobby Lashley and John Morrison in a triple threat match to win the United States Championship. Then, this past week on RAW he successfully took down John Morrison in a singles match.

What’s next for Matt Riddle? The US Title now on his shoulder he is transitioning from hunter to hunted as we enter to Road to WrestleMania.