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Matt Riddle – Gillberg Is “10x The Man Goldberg Could Ever Be”

Riddle Goldberg

Matt Riddle took to Twitter to share a picture he took alongside ‘Gillberg’ backstage and share a few select words about Bill “Willy” Goldberg.

‘Gillberg’ made a shock appearance on Monday Night RAW this week, spoofing WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg in the Dirt Sheet segment. But it was in fact the ‘King of Bros’ who made the biggest statement without actually appearing on the show.

On Twitter, Riddle posted a picture alongside Duane Gill, with the caption taking a shot at Goldberg himself. The Matt Riddle / Goldberg off-screen ‘feud’ has been developing for a few years now – both discussing one another (or not in some cases) in not the best of lights.

Real legends are your Bros and this stallion is 10 times the man Willy G could ever be! #gillberg#stallion#WWERaw#hesmybro

Bill Goldberg hasn’t responded to this latest punch thrown by Riddle, his Twitter feed has been inactive since his birthday back in December. Time will tell whether this clear heat between the two will ever evolve into something we see on TV – but what we do know right now is that there’s clearly some animosity shared.

Back during the 2019 SummerSlam watch along on the WWE YouTube channel, Matt Riddle was discussing a time backstage that he and Goldberg bumped into one another.

We bump into each other. Bill goes “we got some talkin’ to do”. And I’m like ‘we can talk anytime bro’ and he says “Yeah?” and I’m like ‘…Yeah, alright Bro anytime’ and he goes “I’m not your bro”.

The clip of the backstage interaction can be seen as part of Goldberg’s Chronicle episode on the WWE Network, as little an interaction it is, you can see the feud being genuine, intriguing and something the WWE Universe would love to see.

This latest jab at Goldberg may have landed nowhere, or perhaps Goldberg is just waiting for the right moment – time will tell.