Matt Riddle Drops Major Hint Of WWE Return

John Cena Matt Riddle

The last time we saw Matt Riddle on WWE programming was in December 2022.

After unsuccessfully challenging The Usos for the Unified Tag Team Championships he was brutally attacked by Solo Sikoa. Riddle received a Samoan Spike followed by a running hip attack while a chair was wrapped around his neck.

The vicious assault at the hands of Sikoa resulted in Riddle being stretchered out of the arena and onto the injured list. However, it was quickly reported that it was an angle to write him off WWE.

Matt Riddle Reportedly Failed A Drug Test And Went To Rehab

The reason for Riddle being written off television was to explain his absence while he attended rehab. Reports stated that he was suspended for 60 days after failing WWE’s Wellness Policy for a second. Apparently, he failed the policy the first time earlier in the summer of 2022, but it went unreported until he failed it again in December.

However, a source close to Riddle later denied the story, noting that he was taking time off to deal with his recent divorce. But adult film star Jordan Maxx added further confusion to Superstar’s hiatus. She appeared to confirm he was in rehab and claimed Riddle lied to her about using drugs while cheating on her with fellow adult entertainer Misha Montana.

In response to the contradicting news, Riddle posted a message saying that he was happier and healthier.

“I’ve been working a lot on myself lately and have been saying no and setting boundaries for the first time ever and certain people aren’t happy about it, but I couldn’t be healthier or happier. Thank you for all the support.”

In another post, he shared a message thanking his new girlfriend Montana for her love and support during his recovery. The post was also interesting as it showed the former United States Champion with a striking moustache and a dazzling set of grills on his teeth.

Taking to social media once again the Original Bro posted a Valentine’s Day image with Montana. In the picture, both Riddle and Montana can be seen wearing rings while the caption hints that his return to the ring could be imminent.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and especially my girl Misha I love you ❤️ and I’ll see you all very soon #vday #misha