Matt Rehwoldt Says Referees In WWE Got Bonuses For Fast Counts

WWE Referees

WWE Referees apparently were incentivised by the WWE to fast count during matches to encourage talent to pay attention.

Speaking with Ross Tweddell of Cultaholic, guest Matt Rehwoldt (formerly known as WWE star Aiden English) was talking about comedy in wrestling, and ‘shoot’ moments when the topic of referee’s came into discussion.

Matt revealed that the WWE incentivised the officials to fast count talent in return for a small financial bonus.

In WWE they did kinda do that for a while, they were like, they were getting referees bonuses for shoot counting people down.

Which, like, I get to a degree because everyone’s like “oh the ref messed up our spot”, and I’m like well if you didn’t kick out I’m sorry, THAT is on the talent. You should know your own spot, if you do it at 2.9999 and don’t hear the ref’s count… I don’t know, that’s on you as a talent.

But it got a little too much, refs were like fast counting, ten counts, because they wanted their $500 bonus or whatever it was.

Ross wanted to explore a little more and asked Rehwoldt whether he knew of anyone who got caught out by this new approach from the referees.

Without naming names, Matt confirmed he knew some, explaining that it wasn’t just the main roster either – NXT officials were also given the green light to fast count.

Yeah, oh yeah, …So it was kind of a company wide thing and it came down, I remember I was still in NXT.

I can’t confirm, I didn’t see the cheque or whatever that the referee got, but I remember a couple of them telling me, “yeah I get an extra $200 or whatever because they didn’t listen to my ten count and the match ended in a count out”.

So yeah it happened in NXT too.

Matt Rehwoldt was released by the WWE in April 2020 during the staff cuts stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since, he is enjoying life as a full-time Twitch streamer (DramaKingMatt) alongside many wrestlers who are taking to the platform recently including Paige, Dakota Kai and former Rusev Day partner, Miro.