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Matt Jackson Claims Wrestling Has The World’s Most Toxic Fanbase

The Young Bucks, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson

Matt Jackson has claimed that wrestling has the most toxic fanbase in the world, after Nick Jackson had his bag stolen.

From the moment that AEW was created, the Young Bucks took their place as one of the most preeminent teams in the promotion. The team went on to win the AEW Tag Team Championships, further cementing their status as one of the most highly regarded teams in the world.

Ahead of signing with AEW, the Young Bucks appeared in company’s all over the world giving them a relatively universal view of the wrestling fanbase.

Speaking in a new interview with What Women Binge alongside his wife Dana, Matt Jackson said that despite numerous positive experiences, wrestling has the most toxic fanbase in the world. Jackson made the claims after his brother Nick had his bag stolen.

“The other week, my brother’s bag disappeared,” Matt explained. “Entire bag, gone. He’s still — he’ll never get it back, like, the whole bag is gone and the number is erased so we think someone’s onto us now at the airports. Like, I think we did a little too much bragging online about, ‘Look, we have all these great expensive shoes‘. I think they found us.”

Continuing on, Jackson said that the fans who hate you, really hate you.

“Wrestling has the most toxic fanbase in the world. They’re the worst. Honestly, like, there’s a lot of good fans. The ones that love you, love you. But the ones that hate you, they hate you.”

The Young Bucks were most recently in action at AEW Revolution where they attempted to regain the AEW World Tag Team Championships. However, despite another eye-catching showing, the pair were ultimately unsuccessful. While, back on Dynamite, tensions continued to simmer between themselves, Adam Cole and reDRagon.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.