Matt Jackson Wants To Superkick Someone With A Flaming Shoe

The Young Bucks Superkick

It’s no secret that the Young Bucks love a good superkick, but Matt Jackson has come up with a particularly fiery idea for the brothers’ next party.

There aren’t many things in the world that the Young Bucks love more than superkicking people in the face. As a team or individually, it doesn’t matter. If Matt and Nick Jackson find even half of an opportunity they’re going to kick you in the head, delighting and annoying the audience in equal measure.

However, how do you take a relatively simple move and make it even more devastating? When you deliver the kick as often as the Young Bucks do, how do you keep the magic alive and make sure every superkick is special? If you ask Matt Jackson, the answer is simple. You set your shoe on fire first.

Speaking to Complex, Matt explained his rather toasty new plan, if he can get away with it of course.

“I have a wild idea. I would really love to get whatever hot shoe of the year or the season and I would love to set it on fire and superkick someone in the face. If I can get away with it, that’s my next big thing,”

Customising shoes to deliver maximum destruction is nothing new to Jackson who has previously covered various high-tops in thumb tacks. Something which memorably backfired at AEW All Out as the Lucha Brothers turned the tables on the Bucks to win the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

Jackson went on to explain how his weaponised shoe idea came about.

“I’ve become a professional at it. I do it myself. I did it years ago at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. It was a cheaper (shoe), maybe an Air Force One. I did it and it was a big deal, but it was 2015 so people had forgotten. I asked Nick, ‘I have this crazy idea, let’s bring it back.’ It had to be another expensive sneaker. At this point, we had already done the Dior High. This was the next one. That morning, I grabbed super glue, a couple hundred thumbtacks, and sat there and literally poked it with gorilla glue and placed it on one at a time. It was king of like arts and crafts for me.”

The Young Bucks were most recently in action on the December 8th episode of AEW Dynamite where they defeated Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.