Matt Jackson On AEW’s Future: “I Think Year 2 Is Going To Be All About Kenny Omega.”

Kenny Omega Thumb

Kenny Omega has been a source of controversy for AEW fans since it was announced that he would join the company as one of its Executive Vice Presidents in February 2019.

The main gripe AEW devotees have had about the handling of the former IWGP Word Heavyweight Champion is that he has been used as a shell of his former self and not the New Japan Omega that fans have been yearning for.

There have been signs of change, however. In recent months, ‘The Cleaner’ has exhibited a new character in his storyline with Hangman Page and in a recent interview with, Matt Jackson alluded to Omega taking centre stage as AEW enter their second year.

On what to expect from the future of the Jacksonville brand and one of his legitimate best friends, the Young Buck had this to say:

“I think year two is going to be all about Kenny Omega. He’s been very, what’s the word I’m looking for, I guess unselfish and he’s ready to explode. So I would keep my eye on him. Another one off the top of my head would be Darby Allin. He’s got so much potential to be such a massive star for AEW that we have to use him in the right way, and he’s definitely going to be a top player.”

Currently, both Kenny Omega and Hangman Page are participants in the AEW World Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contender’s Tournament which is clearly designed to be another chapter in the pair’s intriguing rivalry.

Both men have been on a collision course since they first lifted the AEW World Tag Team Championships in January and the enmity only grew through the following months as Omega was forced to witness his partner’s gradual mental collapse.

At AEW All Out on September 5, the storyline came to a head when Hangman Page and Kenny Omega lost their doubles gold to FTR. After Omega accidentally cracked his partner with a v-trigger which allowed FTR to nail the Mind Breaker for the victory.

Following the bout, it was Omega who abandoned his friend when everyone believed it would be the other way around. This sets up a potential tournament final and AEW World Heavyweight Championship feud between the former friends.

With Matt Jackson promising that the year ahead will be all about Kenny Omega, it now seems that the hardcore AEW supporters will be getting their wish.