Matt Hardy Discusses “Bad Taste” WWE Storylines Helmed By Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

The history of pro wrestling is littered with questionable storylines and angles that perhaps aren’t in the best taste. From stars such as Scott Hall and Jeff Hardy having their alcohol abuse issues mocked to Triple H doing what he did in that funeral home with Katie Vick – a lot of the blame over the years for a great deal of these storylines fell at the feet of longtime WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon.

Michelle McCool recently discussed the upset she went through when she was part of the infamous ‘Piggy James’ storyline that made fun of Mickie James’ weight. Matt Hardy went through a similar situation when he feuded with a young Cody Rhodes.

Matt Hardy Says His Brother’s Storyline Was “In Bad Taste”

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Matt Hardy spoke about those storylines and why he doesn’t think things like that will happen in WWE following the retirement of Vince McMahon and the ascension of Triple H to Chief Content Officer in the company:

“I agree, those were both bad calls in the big scheme of things. Even when my brother was back, and he’d obviously had his struggles over the years with addiction and alcohol, the most recent obviously. When they put him on TV and put him in like an addict-alcoholism angle and story, I feel like those are in bad taste.”

“I think you won’t be seeing that as much now that Triple H is in charge. That’s something you would never see underneath Tony Khan. He’s very forward-thinking, very progressive, and he realizes people who have these real-life struggles, you have to separate them. You really shouldn’t abuse them and make light of them on your television product.”

Matt Hardy also commented on if wrestlers had the opportunity to turn down pitches they weren’t comfortable with, saying that it’s not something that is encouraged:

“Saying, ‘no,’ is something you have the option of doing, but it isn’t something that is truly encouraged. They want you to go with the flow.”

Matt Hardy also recently discussed which match from his decades-long career he would do over if given the opportunity.

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