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Matt Hardy – “Vince McMahon Always Chose Jeff Over Matt”

Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy

AEW star Matt Hardy has discussed his partnership with brother Jeff in WWE and says he feels Vince McMahon always favoured Jeff over him.

The Hardy Boyz worked their way from being enhancement talent in WWE throughout the mid-nineties to helping redefine tag team wrestling during the Attitude Era along with Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz. Utilising ladders like no others before them, Matt and Jeff helped revolutionise wrestling with their input in the much-loved original TLC bouts.

As with all tag teams, brothers or not, The Hardy Boyz eventually went their separate ways and while Jeff Hardy eventually made himself famous by winning the WWE Title, Matt Hardy’s career never quite reached the same heights as his younger brother’s in WWE.

Speaking on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast Matt Hardy discussed the success of The Hardy Boyz along with why he feels himself and Christian were both underrated in their respective tag teams by the boss:

“We were at the point where the Hardy’s became super popular and we did so well. In the year 2000, we sold the most merchandise of any tag team in the history of WWE. Which is amazing and it is so cool that we were able to achieve that level of success. But as time went on, and obviously Jeff was like the standout guy.”

“And Vince always chose Jeff over Matt in The Hardy Boyz, when it came to Edge and Christian, he always chose Edge over Christian. That’s something myself and Christian always have in common, we were a little underrated. We never got all the credit we deserved sometimes, in his eye.”

Matt Hardy continued by discussing how beloved his brother is by fans but says he feels better off not trying to compete in those terms with Jeff Hardy:

“I think with me, the realization of understanding that Jeff is one of the most beloved figures in all of wrestling, ever, in history. It’s insane how beloved he is. So working on a scale with him, you have to be realistic and be like, hold up, you can still be magnificent and super popular, and people dig you, but you can’t compare yourself to him.”

“Everyone is different, once again your much better off when you don’t feel like you’re racing against somebody, but you’re racing against yourself to do better, and improve upon yourself. I just wanted a chance to do my own, to tell my own stories.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.