Matt Hardy Says An Updated Hardys Biography Is Needed

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy - The Hardy Boyz

Matt Hardy believes he and his brother need an updated biography to cover the nearly two decades since their autobiography was released.

The WWE-released book Exist to Inspire was published in 2003, just five years after signing with WWE and rising to prominence. It’s been nearly two decades since then, and the brothers have worked for various promotions around the world.

Speaking on Under the Ring, Matt Hardy spoke the joy he finds in researching material for his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast that examines his career in depth chapter by chapter.

“It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been really fun doing homework and getting notes from Jon and jogging my memory, because there’s so many things that happened that I’ve just forgotten. I feel information overload in the locker room of my mind. There’s so many things we’ve done and we’ve been so blessed to have such longevity. I think one of the coolest things for me is just looking back at those memories and being reminded of some of the amazing things we did and I look at it very fondly.”

Matt Hardy went on to say that he believes it’s time for an updated biography on the career he’s shared with his brother.

“It’s so funny, I think about our autobiography in 2003. Like we really hadn’t lived. At that point. I remember thinking like, ‘What? We’re young guys,’ but we’re very popular and they want to produce this book, because they know it was so good, because we’re pretty popular. But like we don’t have amazing stories, our story of making it to WWE was pretty cool and pretty inspirational.

“Like now, we have both lived such thorough lives and I think you’re going to need a Matt Hardy and a Jeff Hardy biography here in the future, because we both really, really live life to the fullest.”

Continuing, Matt Hardy said that part of his longevity in the wrestling industry can be credited to him staying up to date with technology and keeping his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in society.

“I tried to be a survivalist in many ways in the industry, and you have to change and evolve as the industry does, as society does as technology does. As one thing I’ve always tried to, you know, take a lot of pride in trying to keep my thumb on the pulse of what’s happening in society and technology.

“It’s very cool that this opportunity to do the podcast can’t come about. I’ve really been enjoying it thus far. I think it’s something that can really do a great transition into following the end of my in-ring career, whenever that comes to an end.”

Matt and Jeff Hardy are both currently signed to AEW. Jeff Hardy recently made his AEW debut to assist his brother after Matt was being beaten up by the Andrade Family Office, and they’re once again competing together as a tag team.

h/t Fightful