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Matt Hardy Thanks Vince McMahon For ‘Freeing’ Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy has thanked Vince McMahon for freeing Jeff Hardy, leaving the way clear for the Hardy Boyz to reunite.

The Hardy Boyz are officially back to together. On the March 9th episode of Dynamite, Jeff Hardy made his long-awaited AEW debut coming to the aid of his brother Matt as he was kicking out of the AHFO.

Jeff Hardy was released by WWE back on December 9th after he was said be acting “erratically” at a live event. This immediately sparked speculation that Hardy would be heading to AEW to reconnected with his brother.

In the weeks that followed Jeff’s WWE exit, it was announced that the legendary team would be getting back together for a series of matches with Big Time Wrestling. One of these matches will be against two other former WWE stars in the form of Matt Cardona and Brian Myers.

Speaking ahead of Jeff Hardy’s AEW debut, Matt Hardy addressed the pair’s upcoming match with Cardona and Myers. In the clip posted to Twitter, the former Big Money Matt, thanked Vince McMahon for setting his Brother Nero free.

“You guys never got the credit you deserved when you were with The Fed, up north. Recently, Matt Cardona, aka Zack Ryder, you have been killing it my man. These matches in GCW, NWA, everywhere you’ve been, you’ve been killing it. We give you props, we give you kudos. You often thank Vince McMahon. You say, ‘Thank you Vince McMahon because WWE was my developmental.’

I want to say ‘thank you Vince McMahon for freeing Brother Nero and letting the greatest tag team in all of space and time be reunited one last time. We are here to prove we are the greatest tag team in wrestling history. Matt Cardona and Brian Myers, you stand in our way as we look to become the ultimate tag team EVAH!”

Jeff added, “I have a prediction, they’ll like this match in the E.”

Matt closed by saying, “They’ll love this match in the E. You want to see some ‘erratic behaviour,’ just wait until Albany on the 13th.”

The Hardy Boyz last teamed together on WWE television on the April 9th, 2019 episode of SmackDown where the defeated The Usos to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. However, they were forced to vacate the titles less than three weeks later, after Jeff sustained a knee injury.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.