Matt Hardy Teases Reunion With Newly Released Brother Jeff

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy has teased a Team Xtreme reunion following his brother Jeff’s release by WWE.

Jeff Hardy was released by WWE on December 9th after what was described as a “rough night” at a recent WWE live event. Further reports suggested that Hardy’s behaviour at the event had been “erratic” while it was also noted that he had missed a number of signings and appearances.

The former WWE Champion was offered rehab by the company, but he turned it down. It was allegedly this decision which led to his release.

While immediate concern has naturally been for Hardy’s health and welfare given the nature of his release, there has already been speculation suggesting that if and when he returns to the ring it could be alongside his brother Matt in AEW.

Matt Hardy has now added further fuel to that particular fire by posting on social media that he feels “xtremely” good about the future.

The Hardy Boyz along with manager Lita, were of course famously known as ‘Team Xtreme’ during a highly successful run with WWE in the early 2000’s.

Fans might have to wait a little while for the reunion however, with Jeff Hardy reportedly subject to a 90-day non-compete clause which will remain in effect until early March 2022.

Writing in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that WWE felt they had no choice to release Hardy, even knowing that he may go on to sign with AEW. By a similar token it is said that Hardy knew that when he turned down the company’s offer of rehab he would be released.

Meltzer also reports that Jeff Hardy will be subject to a 90-day non-compete clause, as is typical for WWE Superstars on the main roster. During this period Hardy will continue to be paid, until he becomes a free agent on March 9th 2022.