Matt Hardy Shows Support After Jeff Hardy’s Release

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy - The Hardy Boyz

After news broke that Jeff Hardy was released from WWE, his brother Matt took to social media to offer support.

Jeff Hardy was released from WWE on December 9th following an incident at a live event the previous weekend that saw him acting “erratically” during a six-man tag team match. Hardy was sent home from the road and replaced by Rey Mysterio the following night.

While WWE has not commented on the release, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful did note that Jeff had been offered rehab but refused treatment.

In the wake of this news, Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy took to social media to offer support to his brother. Matt tweeted photos of the brothers as children with a caption that simply read “ALWAYS,” indicating that they will always be family.

After it was reported that Jeff had been sent home from the live events over the weekend, Matt Hardy spoke on his Twitch channel to provide an update on his brother.

I did speak to Jeff for a little bit today. He’s okay. He’s good. I think he’ll be fine. once again, this isn’t my business. If he wants to go into it with more detail, he’ll do it himself. Jeff is okay. He is at home and okay.

It’s not my business or story to tell or explain. Besides that, it’s not my story to tell because it’s not my perspective. I love my brother and I want him to be okay and healthy.

Jeff’s wife Beth also took to social media today to indicate that their family is doing well.

Jeff is good. We are good. Post that you “heard” that. Thanks.

While Matt is currently signed to AEW, the brothers have shared plenty of success together as the Hardy Boys from the time they were children and competed in their own OMEGA wrestling promotion. The brothers went on to become multi-time Tag Team Champions across multiple major promotions after they signed with WWF in 1998.

Jeff Hardy’s most recent run with WWE began when he and Matt made a shock return at WrestleMania 33, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships in a fatal four way ladder match.