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Matt Hardy Says Steve Blackman Was “Very Challenging” To Work With

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has claimed he found it “very challenging” to work with Steve Blackman and says that the two men’s in-ring styles did not gel together well.

The Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman faced off with Matt Hardy almost a dozen times between 1999 and 2000, mainly in tag team action. The two stars did face off in a singles match on Raw on one occasion in March 2000 with Blackman coming out the victor.

Speaking on The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, the current AEW star admits he found it challenging to work with Steve Blackman but says it was down to a clash of styles:

“Steve Blackman was always very challenging to work with, especially coming off all the matches we were having with Edge, Christian, and The Dudleys.”

“I feel like we represented that ‘young guy’ then that had this high work rate and could do all the crazy stuff and all the cool spots, take big bumps, whatever. Steve Blackman, for instance, I don’t think he was a guy that really meshed well with a guy like me, or with Jeff, or an Edge or Christian. It made it a lot tougher to have a real great match because we were so very different and had different styles in the ring.”

Matt Hardy was speaking to Christian Cage on the podcast with Cage revealing that he and Edge were originally meant to split up as a team a lot earlier than they eventually did.

h/t Fightful