Matt Hardy Shares Hypothetical AEW Booking Advice For Tony Khan

Tony Khan AEW

To say that Tony Khan is a busy man is an understatement. As well as running All Elite Wrestling, he is also heavily involved with NFL franchise the Jacksonville Jaguars and the English Premier League football club Fulham.

Since AEW launched in 2019, Tony Khan has been the key creative force behind the promotion, booking all weekly television shows and pay-per-views.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star praised Khan for creating the “best in-ring wrestling program going.” After being asked by a fan what suggestion he would make to Khan to improve further, Hardy said that he’d be in favour of more of a focus on storytelling.

“I think if I had one suggestion for Tony Khan, I think I would try and focus a little more on the storytelling of the different characters, really highlight every character’s journeys a lot more. I think it’s still very important. I know it’s a very sports-centric program, AEW Dynamite, and they want the matches to be the best of the best quality and yet, with quality, and I totally respect that.

I feel like professional wrestling, a big part of it is the sportsmanship and the showmanship. Having characters that the crowd is connected to, that they’re emotionally invested in, that have this journey that you want to follow, you want to see what’s going to happen next. You’re really worried about where this story is going to go. I would like to add a little bit more of that into all the amazing wrestling that happens weekend and week out on AEW programming.”

Ric Flair Claims Tony Khan Should Stop Booking AEW

Speaking on his own podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair suggested that it might be time for Khan to step aside and let someone else book AEW television. Flair explained that Khan may be spreading himself too thin with his large workload.

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