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Matt Hardy Reveals Which Gimmick He Wishes To End Career With

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has revealed how he would like to end his legendary career in the squared circle, by going out the way he came in – alongside brother and tag team partner, Jeff Hardy.

Matt Hardy has become well known for many personas throughout his illustrious career. From his legendary tag team career alongside Jeff, to Matt Hardy V1, to arguably his most memorable and successful gimmick, Broken Matt Hardy.A back injury in 2017 would lead many to believe that Matt’s in-ring days would soon be drawing to an end, and Hardy would exit WWE in 2020. However, he would make his shocking debut on AEW Dynamite in March 2020, leaving brother Jeff behind.

Matt Hardy continues to perform for AEW to this day, however during a recent Q&A on Twitch, Hardy was asked which of his many wrestling gimmicks he would like to end his career on. Matt would reveal that he would in fact like to retire alongside Jeff, as the Hardy Boyz once more:

“The gimmick I would like to end my career on, I would like to finish my career teaming with my brother as the Hardy Boyz,. Real-life Matt and real-life Jeff, doing our thing. I feel like that’s a beautiful way to tie up a career. To go out the way you came in, I think that’s super cool. I would like to finish my career with my brother as a team.”

With Jeff Hardy currently appearing on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, and Matt’s involvement with AEW, a Hardy Boyz reunion doesn’t look to be happening any time soon. Matt Hardy would also address online rumours surrounding his desire for Jeff to jump to AEW for one more match. Matt would clarify that should Jeff jump ship, it would be for multiple matches and storylines:

“Recently, I mentioned this and I saw a couple of websites say, ‘Matt wants Jeff Hardy to come to AEW for one more match.’ That’s incorrect. To correct the record, I would love to have Jeff come to AEW so we could team together. There are a lot of great teams there. A proper Hardyz vs. Young Bucks feud would be amazing.”

The Hardy Boyz are widely regarded as one of the greatest tag teams of all times. With a total of twenty Tag Team Championship reigns across multiple promotions, they are known for their high flying dare devil showmanship. From WCW to TNA to WWE, The Hardy Boyz have seemingly captured tag team gold wherever they go, could AEW be the final destination in their quest for gold? Only time will time.