Matt Hardy On Whether He Will Return To WWE To Retire

Matt Hardy

A new regime in WWE has meant many former talents have returned to the fold. Although WWE seems to be in a good place, one person with no intention of returning is Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy Wants To End His Wrestling Career In AEW

On the latest Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the former WWE star discussed whether he would ever return to the company. Hardy made a name for himself in WWE teaming with his brother Jeff. The Hardy Boyz were involved in what many considered the greatest WrestleMania tag match when they battled The Dudley Boyz and the team of Edge and Christian in a Triple Threat TLC match.

Despite having a successful tag run in WWE, Hardy is more than content with ending his career in AEW.

“I don’t know. In all honesty, I can see myself retiring with AEW, I love being here. I love the the family feel that it has and I love just the lack of horsesh*t and bullsh*t, you know, it’s pretty much straightforward. And Tony is really good with working with people and remembering, you know, they’re human beings, and especially people that have families and like allowing them to, you know, take time off and, you know, address issues that there may be.

So he’s great with that, and he works around people’s schedules and whatnot. So I love AEW, and I’m very cool spending the rest of my career at AEW. You know, with that being said, I love WWE as well. And I think it’s a big positive that Triple H, you know, has taken over and has been in charge. And I would imagine it’s going to continue to change as it evolves over the next few years with him at the helm.”

Matt Hardy announced his departure from WWE through his official YouTube channel on March 2, 2020. The former member of Team Extreme cited creative differences as his reason for parting ways with the company. Despite the falling out, Hardy is still praised by notable WWE talent for his contributions to the company and his 30-year career.