Matt Hardy Praises “Special” AEW Blood & Guts

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy likes the extreme, yet rare nature of AEW Blood & Guts.

On the latest episode of his Extreme Life podcast, Hardy gave his insight as to what he thinks makes the match stand out so much for wrestling fans.

“It’s one of those things, I like the fact that we do it about once a year, that way it stays special. It kind of helps to make it an attraction. I think it’s a match you can’t overdo, but I dig the fact they do it once a year, and it was a great blowoff to the Blackpool Combat Club and the Golden Elite. So, I’m here for it. I love the fact that Warner Brothers-Discovery, they released a press statement saying that it did 2.5 million eyeballs or however you said it was stated in that specific way.”

This year’s rendition of “The Match Beyond” featured Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi battling The Blackpool Combat Club alongside Konosuke Takeshita and PAC. The latter two bailed on their team and eventually led to Jon Moxley throwing in the towel to save Wheeler Yuta.

Matt Hardy’s Thoughts Don’t Align With A Big AEW Critic

While Matt Hardy enjoyed the presentation of Blood & Guts a recent adversary of his feels quite the opposite. Jim Cornette recently blasted the bout and it’s participants, stating that AEW with its “fake kids” and “circus freaks” can’t get out of “g*****n rec center.” Cornette and Hardy butted heads greatly on social media over their differing thoughts on The Elite.