Matt Hardy Praises AEW Act For Being ‘On Fire’

Matt Hardy AEW

Matt Hardy has heaped praise on a popular AEW tag team, calling them “outrageous” but in the best way possible.

AEW star Matt Hardy is a veteran of the tag team scene with he and his brother Jeff having won tag titles in multiple promotions as well as providing an inspiration for younger generations.

These days, Hardy is a member of the AEW roster and it appears he has an eye on the tag team division in the company.

Speaking on the most recent episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the star has praised The Acclaimed tag team made up of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens.

“I mean, it just helps fans connect with an act more. Between the Max Caster raps and just their entertainment, they were so entertaining together.

The Acclaimed are currently embroiled in a feud with the sons of Billy Gunn, Austin and Colten. The pair go by the name The gunn Club but have also been given the nickname ‘The Ass Boys’ due to their dad’s former ‘Mr. Ass’ gimmick in WWE. For his part, Billy Gunn is also now referred to as ‘Daddy Ass’.

After being betrayed by his sons, Billy Gunn aligned himself with The Acclaimed – who have taken to using a hand gesture to “scissor” each other. This has led to a new catchphrase between the three that has really taken off among fans, “Scissor me, Daddy Ass”.

Matt Hardy thinks it’s an outrageous catchphrase, but “in the best way possible” and he can see it’s caught on to the point where the team are “on fire”.

“The whole thing about you know, ‘Scissor me, Daddy Ass,’ just is outrageous, but it’s outrageous in the best way possible. If people are so into it man, it has caught on, and it is on fire right now.”

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