Matt Hardy Originally Pitched to ‘Delete’ TNA

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has confirmed that he was originally pitched to delete TNA so that the company could facilitate a rebrand.

Although Hardy had a small run in TNA back in 2011, he is best remembered for his return to the company in 2014. During his second tenure with the company, Hardy would reunite with brother Jeff to capture the TNA World Tag Team Championship, as well as defeating Drew McIntyre (formerly Galloway) to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Alongside these accolades, Hardy is best known during this time for creating the broken universe and becoming ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy. Speaking with a sophisticated new accent and sporting a bleached streak in his hair, ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy would compete in several cinematic matches alongside Jeff, who became Brother Nero. These matches became a cult classic amongst wrestling fans and are still referenced and beloved today.

Sharing a video of the Tag Team Apocalypto match, which saw Broken Matt and Brother Nero defeat Abyss and Crazzy Steve during Non-Stop Deletion back in 2016, Garrett Kidney tweeted:

“There was a pitch at the time that at the end of Apocalypto, Matt Hardy would DELETE all of TNA to facilitate a rebrand.”

To which Matt Hardy responded:

“This is true.”

Though the storyline never came to fruition, TNA would indeed go through a deletion of its own. The company was bought by Anthem Sports & Entertainment in 2017. In an interview in March of that year, Bruce Prichard stated that the TNA name was “dead”, and the company was rebranded as ‘Impact Wrestling’ soon after.

Little more is known about the potential Matt Hardy deletion storyline. Hardy left the company in 2017, entering a legal battle with Anthem Sports & Entertainment in regard to use of the ‘Broken” gimmick. In January 2018, Hardy officially acquired ownership of the Broken Universe trademarks.

Hardy would use the ‘Broken’ gimmick on the independent circuit and Ring of Honor. In 2017 ‘The Hardy Boyz’ would reunite in a surprise return to WWE in one of the most memorable WrestleMania moments in modern-day WWE. Upon leaving WWE, ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy debuted for AEW in March of this year. Most recently, Hardy has been referred to as ‘Multifarious’ Matt Hardy, in which he performs as any one of his various characters from throughout his career.