Matt Hardy Names The One Match He’d Like To Do Over

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has been in some of the most-talked-about and memorable matches of all time. From his TLC adventures in the early 2000s as part of The Hardy Boyz in WWE to his Broken Universe in making headlines in IMPACT Wrestling.

AEW is now Matt Hardy’s home and the former WWE United States Champion is currently trying to make up with his former charges in The Hardy Family Office, Private Party.

Matt Hardy – “I Just Looked Like A Buffoon”

Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the man who was part of Team DX at the 2006 Survivor Series alongside his brother Jeff, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and CM Punk picked a tag team match from the year 2000 that he’d do over if he had the chance:

“As far as matches go, maybe there’s one time, there’s a match we had with Head Cheese. [It was against] The Hardys, and the finish was supposed to be with Steve Blackman, who we’ve talked about, once again, lots of love for Steve Blackman, we were doing a little deal where we were beating these guys, and I was going to end up hitting him with a moonsault body block at the very end.”

“We do the spot and we go through and he just kind of had to be there for it, and he wasn’t necessarily the best one that choreographed spots, and I do the moonsault and he just kind of side steps me. I just looked like a buffoon flying through the air. I just was depending on – counting on him being there. And then I know he like picks me up and he’s like oh sh*t, what are we gonna do?”

“I’d already like rolled him up in a small package, saying just stay, you know, whenever the finish was happening. So that would be probably one that pops up in my mind.”

“I really wish that finish would have came off good. It would have been good, but I would have approached it very differently in this day and age with this current educated beat-up brain than I have now. I would have done a different finish that didn’t rely on him having to be there, per se, something that if he forgot, it was gonna look terrible. It wouldn’t have been that, it would have been something I could have controlled a lot more.”

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