Matt Hardy Recalls Owen Hart’s Legendary Vince McMahon Rib

Owen Hart

Matt Hardy has recalled a hilarious rib Owen Hart played on Vince McMahon involving farmyard animals and the WWE Chairman’s office.

The late, great, Owen Hart was infamous for ribbing his friends and colleagues and the tales of his hilarious and sometimes outrageous pranks have gained legendary status over the years.

Speaking on the latest edition of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star has recounted one such incident where the King of Harts targeted none other than the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon.

In 1995, WWE held the “In Your House: Seasons Beatings” pay-per-view which included an “Arkansas Hog Pen Match” between Henry O. Godwinn and Triple H that featured real-life hogs. Not one to miss a trick, Owen Hart hijacked the hogs before the event and sent them to McMahon’s office in the arena.

Matt Hardy witnesses the shenanigans first-hand:

“I remember Owen came roaring out saying, ‘hey, hey, are you the guy with the hogs? You’re the guy with the animals, right? I’ll show you where to put them, come with me, come with me.’ We followed this because he seemed very suspect when he was doing this, right? Like he was up to something.”

“Then you see him go through and there’s always a huge sign where Vince’s office is, and he removes the sign and says, ‘This is where they go, they all go right in here, this is where you’re going to store them until showtime.’ They put several hogs in Vince’s office and I remember thinking, like, oh my god, this f***ing crazy son of bi***, what’s he trying to do get fired?”

Hardy recalled that when Vince McMahon found the hogs, he immediately knew who the culprit was.

“He’s dying laughing about it the whole time, and I remember we sat around and we watched just to survey the situation. We sat there, Vince comes walking back and he grabs the door, opens it and a hog comes running out. He sees all these hogs and he turns around and goes, ‘OWWWEEENNNNN!!’

“I don’t know how mad he got with him but he knew immediately, as soon as a hog ran out. That was ballsy, you could tell he was close with his boss.”

AEW has recently announced the brackets for both the men’s and women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournaments which kick off on the May 11th edition of Dynamite. Matt’s brother, Jeff Hardy will take on Darby Allin in the first round.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the above transcription.