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Matt Hardy Offers Honest Opinion On Hardy Bros

Matt Hardy jeff hardy

Matt Hardy has commented on the new pairing of Riddle and Jeff Hardy, claiming Vince McMahon is trying to recreate the magic of ‘Team Xtreme’.

Brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy have been performing together since 1993. The pair created Trampoline Wrestling Federation, and would gain a following in their native North Carolina. They would make their in ring debut as a team with WWE in 1998. Initially brought in as enhancement talent, the brothers soon achieved monumental success and would become one of the most iconic tag teams of all time.

After several stints in and out WWE, the team returned at WrestleMania 33. Whilst Jeff remains with the company, Matt left in early 2020, debuting with AEW shortly after. As such, The Hardy Boyz were no more. In recent weeks Jeff Hardy has been teaming with Riddle, in an alliance known as ‘The Hardy Bros’.

Matt Hardy has become renowned for his online presence and highly active social media accounts. Hardy took to YouTube recently to explain the history of the Hardy Boyz, and what makes them then most decorated tag team of all time:

“Did you know that I was the brains, the captain, the manager, the motivation behind the greatest tag team in pro wrestling history? The greatest tag team in pro wrestling history is The Hardy Boyz…

I’m sure you’re wondering how I have the evidence to prove this, but it is very simple in all actuality. We are the only tag team to hold the WWE World Tag Team Titles, The Raw and SmackDown World Tag Team Titles, the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles, the WCW World Tag Team Titles, the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles. We are the only team in history to achieve all that and we’re both still 100% healthy and in our prime. We will hold more World Tag Team Titles. We’ve also held over 40 regional Tag Team Titles.

I’m sure some of you are saying, ‘what about the Road Warriors, what about the Young Bucks, what about the New Day?’ Well, we are more popular, not just more talent, because in the year 2000, it is a documented fact that we sold more merchandise than we sold any other tag team in history. In 2000, we made 20 times our downside guarantee because we were so incredibly popular!”

Matt Hardy is known for his tongue and cheek delivery, as well as his ability to blur the lines between fiction and reality. Going on to discuss Vince McMahon, Hardy would claim McMahon is “obsessed” with the popularity of The Hardy Boyz, leading to this new pairing between Riddle and Jeff:

“Vince McMahon is so obsessed with the greatness and the popularity and the success of the Hardy Boyz that he’s created The Hardy Bros and he’s put together another guy named Matt with my brother Jeff to try and recreate the magic that we once had. He’s trying to confuse the marketplace because he so wishes he still had the Hardy Boyz. The Hardy Bros, with Jeff and Matt Riddle, that’s not gonna work. You would’ve had a better chance with a Fake Razor [Ramon] and Fake Diesel”

At their peak, The Hardy Boyz were consider one of the biggest tag teams in the world. Along with Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz, the brothers ignited the tag team division in the early 2000’s with a series of TLC and ladder matches that are still a part of highlight reels to this day.

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas, one of the officials present during the legendary TLC match at WrestleMania 17, recently spoke about the new team of Hardy and Riddle. Taking to Twitter, Korderas believes the Superstars would be better suited as singles competitors:

“I’m just not buying the Hardy Bros. Matt Riddle… oh, sorry they dropped the ‘Matt’ part, they just call him Riddle? Or, is it Matt Spicoli? I haven’t figured that out yet. Anyway, let me put it this way. I don’t think this character Matt Riddle in his current form is doing anything for him to elevate him, a huge MMA star. What it’s doing in my opinion is dragging Jeff Hardy down as opposed to elevating him. Jeff Hardy would be better off in a solo career in a rivalry with anybody else.”

WWE recently trademarked the ‘Hardy Bros’, whilst Riddle signed a new contract with the company. This suggests the team may be around of the foreseeable future. However with Matt in AEW and Jeff in WWE, it seems unlikely that the world will see a Hardy Boyz reunion anytime soon.

h/t Fightful for transcription