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Matt Hardy Names The “Heart And Soul” Of WWE

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has heaped praise on one particular WWE legend describing them as the “heart and soul” of the company.

Over the course of his more than two decade long career, Matt Hardy has crossed paths with some of the biggest names that the wrestling industry has ever seen. It’s a list that includes multiple Hall of Famer’s numerous legends and soon-to-be Hall of Famer, The Undertaker.

On February 18th, WWE announced that The Undertaker will be the first star inducted into the 2022 class of the Hall of Fame. For three decades The Deadman was at the forefront of WWE as he came to embody what it meant to be a WWE Superstar.

Speaking on his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the current AEW star said that no one was more deserving of the honour than The Undertaker, calling him the “life and soul” of the company.

“Yeah I mean, thinking of the last 30 years, when you think of WWE, The Undertaker and WWE are synonymous. And no one deserves the Hall Of Fame more than The Undertaker, obviously. The amount of times he worked hard or the amount of times he stepped up and did amazing stuff… it’s just uncountable in WWE, and he really is like the heart and soul of WWE in many ways, so it’s great to see him going in,”

Hardy went on recall his own experience of working with The Phenom. The tag team legend said that he learned something new every time he stepped into the ring with ‘Taker.

“I have learned so much from the Undertaker the times I have worked with him. I had a really decent angle, it was a like a sub story with him and Brock and I wrestled him many, many times during that period and it was such a great learning experience,”

The Undertaker began his wrestling career back in 1987. He first appeared in World Class Championship Wrestling before heading to the CWA and USWA, eventually landing in WCW, where he wrestled as “Mean” Mark Callous.

The star initially appeared as part of the Skyscrapers tag team before branching out on his own. However, after becoming disillusioned with the promotion he made the move to the WWF in late 1990. His debut at Survivor Series of that year, later becoming known as one of the great debut appearances of all-time.

Over the next 30 years his character steadily evolved as he feuded with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley. While the arrival of his ‘brother’ Kane in 1997 breathed fresh life into the character, beginning one of the most fondly remembered stories and rivalries in WWE history.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.