Matt Hardy Makes His IMPACT Wrestling Return With Private Party

Matt Hardy IMPACT return thumb

Matt Hardy has made his IMPACT Wrestling return, however, ‘Big Money Matt’ wasn’t alone as he arrived with his AEW protégés Private Party in their IMPACT debut!

In the latest crossover between IMPACT and AEW, Matt Hardy returned to the former to interrupt a tense encounter between The Good Brothers, Chris Sabin and James Storm – who also made his return to the comapny. After letting the competitors in the ring know that himself and Private Party have a six-man tag team match scheduled for the upcoming edition of Dynamite, Hardy stated that he brought his young clients along for a warm-up match.

In a huge AEW vs. IMPACT main event, a number one contenders match for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships was made: Private Party vs. Chris Sabin and James Storm.

Matt Hardy made his IMPACT return after an absence of nearly four years. Hardy departed the promotion in 2017 along with his brother Jeff after their successful run as the Broken Hardys. The ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy character has continued to appear in different guises. AEW, WWE and ROH all saw ‘Broken’ or ‘Woken’ Matt appear in some way, though ‘Big Money Matt’ is the persona to return to IMPACT.

As AEW and IMPACT continue to share talent, it seems likely that fans will be treated to more crossover matchups.