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Matt Hardy Calls Out Jim Cornette For “Antiquated” Wrestling Views

Broken Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy called out Jim Cornette for having “antiquated” views on wrestling after Cornette was critical of Matt’s cinematic wrestling.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Cornette hasn’t been shy when it comes to his criticism of the Hardys in AEW, making it known that he believes the Hardys have been “wasted” since reuniting in the company and also calling out the recent bout between Jeff Hardy and Darby Allin for being “embarrassing.”

Cornette has also been critical of the Hardys’ involvement in cinematic wrestling in the past, publicly lambasting Matt Hardy’s efforts in bouts such as the Final Deletion in TNA and the Stadium Stampede match in AEW.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the former Broken one lambasted Cornette’s views that wrestling needs to be serious, and even says that back in the day Cornette himself would have been called out by old-timers for being too flashy.

“Wrestling in general, I don’t give a f*ck, what these guys…like Cornette, that’s his schtick, ‘oh my god wrestling is so serious. I can’t believe they do this hockey bullsh*t.’ He’s just so antiquated. I’m sure when he came along wearing these outrageous neon colors and suits, people thought he was the end of the f*ck*ng business, all the old-timers.”

At AEW Double or Nothing, the Hardys took on the Young Bucks, who have also been regular recipients of criticism from Cornette.